2018 NCAA Tournament Daily Plays

A Note from Tommy:

Welcome to the 2018 NCAA Tourney Guide! Picks will be provided daily by myself, @TommyG & professional NCAA bettor @Zonacats1. Zona is a +EV bettor that has been betting College Hoops for 15+ years. He double majored at Duke in Computer Science and Economics and has been working at a large tech firm since. He uses primarily data-driven models and in-depth knowledge to handicap games and play the market. He is also an avid Crypto and Equities Trader. He is one of the single sharpest people I have ever met and he is someone who you will DEFINITELY be seeing a lot more of, and want to get on his good side (he is also the single best Bitcoin trader I know, and it’s not close).

All Plays will be posted daily in this article and will be separated by the provider (There may be more pick providers to come by next week).  If any plays come up after the initial posts (this will mostly be with my plays since Zona does most of his action shortly after the opening lines come out) we will post them as an update in the article, so make sure to check back for updates.  I will try to post “UPDATE” on my twitter handle when things arise, but ALWAYS check the article before games tip and at halftimes since those are the most likely times for an update. 

Lines tend to jump DRASTICALLY during this time of year, so you will see Zona tend to write ranges of lines for you guys like: "Duke -4.5 to 6.5," this means he would bet Duke if your line is -6.5 or better since you will all be showing different lines on your specific books.  PLEASE STOP ASKING ME AND ANYONE ELSEWHERE WE BET, you can save that stuff for the chatroom if you guys wanna talk about that stuff, but since gambling is illegal, my answer to where I bet is "Las Vegas" =).

Let’s always remember this is called MARCH MADNESS for a reason, there will be crazy swings and tons of variance, but in the end, just know we are doing the best we can to provide you with the best picks and information we have at our access, so let’s keep the trolling to a minimum if we have a little cold streak.  We will have a lot of strategy articles and podcasts and stuff this year to help you guys learn on top of just providing picks and I would love to see a very positive, supportive chat room, where those new to gambling don’t feel attacked like they do on Twitter sometimes. We are a Family here guys and gambling can be stressful and confusing to newer players, let’s treat everyone with respect and try to help others learn the games.  If this goes well this will be the first of MANY gambling components we will be adding to the site! With that said…...Good Luck and Stay Cashin’

The Godfather

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