Golf Man


Director of PGA Betting      


Golf Background:

  • Played golf collegiately

  • Qualified for multiple USGA national amateur championships

  • Made it to the final (sectional) stage of U.S. Open qualifying

  • Career low round: 62


Professional Background:

  • Received an undergraduate degree in mathematics and attended graduate school to study actuarial science.

  • Prior to doing fantasy golf full-time at the beginning of 2018, I was an actuary for 5 years.

  • I have been a weekly contributor over the past 3 years to the “Fried Egg” (a startup golf media company).

    • I wrote a weekly article that gave the average golf fan some basic information for DraftKings, office pools (such as One-and-Done leagues) and a few longshots.

    • During those 3 years, I have established myself as a dependable source for information and analysis for all types of fantasy golf via my prior Twitter handle (@friedeggpaulie)


Betting Expertise:

  • I have spent the last 5 years honing my craft and developing methods to become a profitable bettor in golf. I have been able to apply the risk management and valuation techniques from being an actuary to my true love of golf. I have a deep understanding of all things golf from statistics to how it feels to have to perform under pressure in an event. All of this experience allows me to create my own lines and lets me see where the value lies each week.

  • Through the first 9 weeks providing picks at GuruElite we have bet 292 units and are up 110 units (38% ROI)


Overview of Golf Betting Method:

  • Each week I make my own lines for outright, top 10 and HTH matchups. I put a lot of time and effort into determining these lines. I eat, sleep and breathe golf. A multitude of factors goes into determining these lines. I then bet where I see value.

  • I have refined my betting process so that we bet a certain amount on each type of bet in order to provide the best returns yet attempt to minimize variance. In a typical week, we will have about 40 units in play. Here is how a typical week is structured:

    • PGA Outrights 2 units

    • Top 10 5 units

    • Props/FRL 2 units

    • PGA Tournament HTH 8-10 units

    • PGA Round by Round HTH 8-10 units

    • Non-PGA bets 10-15 units



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