Mid Season




Team Total Over/Under Mid Season Check:

St. Louis over 95.5: 39 games played, 36 points total. Im counting this one out

Boston over 101.5: Boston currently has 52 points in 42 games. Boston has won 4 in a row and keeping us on pace to hit this prop. Boston is a team who has treated us well this season and I expect to get better in the second half. The team has struggled with injuries and personal issues from Rask, but with the team getting healthy again they are 7-3 in their last 10. 

Florida over 94.5: Florida has 41 points in 40 games. Florida’s first half total needed to be near 48 points. Florida should pick it up in the second half. Luongo got hurt in the season opener leading Reimer to come in and lose 6 of their next 8 games. Florida needs to pick up the pace a bit for us to hit but we’re not too far off here.

Pittsburgh over 102.5: The penguins started the season by going 6-4, they followed that up by going 2-8, by going 5-5 and now have won 7 of their last 8. They are 11 and 4 in December and have won games against Colorado, Boston, Washington, Minnesota, and the Islanders. Pitt needs to clean themselves up against less formidable opponents. They lost to Philly, Ottawa, and Chicago this month. They have 52 points in 42 games. The target for Pitt was around 50 points in the first half and we got there. The first two months of the season were abysmal for Pittsburgh and we hit the half way total for the first half mark. They should hit a 6+ win streak in the second half. I like the way this looks as bad as Pitt has been for us.

Carolina over 84.5: Carolina needed to average 42.5 points in each half. They have been the most disappointing team so far. I thought they had the chance to fight for a wild card but sit 10 points out. They have 35 points with 4 games left until their halfway mark against Columbus, Ottawa, and two against Philly. They are 3 and 9 in the month of December. Runs like this will kill us here but if they pick up some points in these next 4 games then we have a shot. *update* Carolina swept the next 4 games they had putting them at 43 points in 41 games. We are back on pace and a little ahead. If Carolina keeps up the same pace in the second half, which should improve, we will hit this as well.

Nashville over 105.5: Nashville had 46 points in 33 games. They were 8-0 on the road. They now have 46 points in 39 games and are 8-10 on the road. Nashville is struggling right now but should turn it around. This streak has set them back but I’m not worried yet. **update** Nashville has won 4 of their last 5 since getting some key guys back most noteably Fillip Forsberg. With 55 points in 44 games and a healthy Nashville team I expect for us to hit this as well while also playing Nashville more in the second half. 

Chicago Blakchawks over 84.5: Im lumping Chicago in with St. Louis. These two have been the most disappointing teams of the season. 

San Jose over 97.5: In 44 games the Sharks have 55 points. They have won 5 of their last 6 and hit their half way point expectations. 

Of the 8 point totals that were posted to go Over, we are alive in 6 of our 8. I like our chances here and we are looking to hit a nice profit. I am looking forward to these teams getting even better in the second half. 

Toronto Under 106.5: This total was too high for me in the beginning of the season. I am not big on Toronto because I did'nt believe in their defense. Andersen has played well above par and has been keeping Toronto ahead of pace. Toronto had 56 points in 41 games. That put them ahead of pace. The good thing here with the unders is that if they hit any kind of losing streak in the second half they will be knocked right back behind their pace. We still have a chance to hit this under. 

Washington Capitals under 98.5: 54 points in 41 games puts them ahead of their pace. THe difference here is I beleive the second half will be a down time for the Caps. We have already started to see them struggle to score and win against les formidable opponents like St. Louis and Detroit and the second half should wear on them even more. Washington has had the benefit of playing in a weak Metro divsion. They are 8-3-1 in the Metro and even better in the Atlantic. Washington has struggled against the West and with teams buying and selling at the deadline I don't see Washington being able to keep up this pace. I think well be close here and have a chance to hit. 

Montreal Canadiens under 80.5: Montreal has exceeded expectations this season. They cleaned house of their big names and it's working for them. Price is healthy again and playing well. I am going to count this one out. 

Detroit Redwings under 75.5: Detroit has 39 points in 44 games. We are looking good here. Detroit should be selling at the deadline so I expect their pace to only get worse. 

Vancouver under 77.5: Vancouver started the season hot but had slowed down in November. They went 8-6 in december after going 3-11 in November and put them back on pace for their points total. They are a young good team that will be relevant again soon but 44 points in 45 games I still see us hitting this under. 

Ottawa under 71.5: Ottawa has 35 points in 43 games. They are behind their pace and currently sit in last place. THey have been able to score, but can't keep the puck out of the net. I like our chances here to still hit this one. 

Vegas under 96.5: Vegas currently has 56 points in 45 games. They have put together a run in the last two weeks and have won 6 in a row. he 6 teams however were Colorado, LA x2, Arizona, Anaheim, and New Jersey. These are game they should be winning regardless of us playing the under. They have San Jose, Winnipeg, Pitt, Minnesota, and Nashville coming in the rest of this month. I expect them to fall back to earth and to lose most of these games. This will put them back on the pace they were at to hit the under. They also will not finish ahead of San Jose in the standing. I like our chances here as well.


Division Winner Props:

Tampa Bay +130: Tampa Currently has a 10 point lead over Toronto for first in the division. They lost Vas in net for a long stretch and Louis Domingue came in and exceeded expectations. Barring a big injury I dont see Tampa going on a long losing streak or relinquishing this lead. We're in great shape here. 

Pittsburgh +175: Pitt sits 2 points behind Washington for first in the Metro. I expect Washington to fall off while expecting Pitt to get better than they already have been. With only being 2 points out halfway through the season after their slow start I am loving out chances here.

Nashville +140: Nashville sits in first of the Central but Winnipeg has 3 games in hand on them. By the end of the season I expect Nashville to keep a slight edge. This one will be close but when were this deep in the season and still in first it gives us a good chance of hitting this as well.

San Jose +350: This was my favorite play before the season. +350 fucking odds for a team like this to win the division. Vegas was the favorite here and even though Vegas is ahead of San Jose right now, San Jose has a game in hand. The only concern here is Calgary but when youre getting +350 on the Sharks then you have to take it. Calgary sits 3 points up on San Jose and I still think the Sharks win it. Calgary has been over playing in my opinion with San Jose being one of the most shaky teams at the top. San Jose will do something at the deadline. Martin Jones has looked like a block of swiss cheese at times. If we get him to settle in and give us the expectations of a number 1 goalie then I think this +350 will be a great cash for us. 

*To sum up: we have two teams in first, and two teams 2 and 3 points out of first. We are looking Great right now with these odds.*



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