Nick Rodriguez

NHL Analyst      

Nick started playing season-long fantasy since the age of 13. It made him look at sports in an entirely different way, but also got him in some trouble. When Nick was in school, he often got in trouble with his teachers because he wasn’t paying attention in class.  Why? Well, instead of taking notes, he was doing fantasy baseball, football, basketball or hockey mock drafts in his notebook.

Fast-forward eight years later, and he’s still doing research during school. However, it’s now for daily and season-long fantasy and he’s doing it before and after class. It’s also at Florida International University, rather than his middle school.

Nick is excited to be a part of the #EliteMafia and is looking forward to bringing his analysis, unique writing style and sense of humor to every article he writes. He’s a die-hard Miami sports fan, so take it easy on him. 

He’s primarily a cash-game player, but has won tournaments in all four sports as well.

NHL Analyst