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Ray Flowers has been a full-time fantasy analysist for the last 16 years – who has done that? – spending all his waking hours breaking down baseball, football and even hockey back in the day. For the past seven years, since the first day of the channel, he’s been on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio six days a week spewing opinionated analysis with his co-host Kyle Elfrink on the SiriusXM Fantasy Drive (Sirius 210, XM 87). Known for his analytical approach, Ray eschews pitching and quarterbacks early in drafts and isn’t afraid to predict outcomes that go completely against the grain if the data leads him there. When he’s not slaying Twitter with wondrous responses filled with charm and snark, or winning FSWA Writing Awards, he can be found watching a superhero flick, taking a swim or pounding vodka Red Bull’s into the wee hours of the morning.

 The 2017 Closer Chart - 4/12
Posted by Ray Flowers on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 13:20

We all know who is closing in major league baseball. Well, we know in about 90 percent of the situations at least. However, there are a few that are spots that are always in flux, and for those of you out there who are in need of a 9th inning boost we thought it would be appropriate to speak about the closer situation across the land each week. We’re not going to just speak about  those situations that are experiencing upheaval, but all the situations for each of the 30 MLB squads. To that end, every week we will be updating our 2017 Closer Chart. We'll list the closers, as well as the next two men up in case something happens to the number one guy. We'll also try to keep abreast of suspensions and injuries to bullpen arms, the bane of our existence in the fantasy game, that along with poor performance of course.

 DFS Hitting Breakdown - 4/12
Posted by Ray Flowers on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 12:37

A quick primer for the Hitting Coach piece that will appear seven days a week at Guru Elite. There will be a smattering of data, pertinent to setting your daily squad up. There will be ballpark data. Which parks favor what type of hitters? There will be some BvP data, and yes, it does matter. We will try to list some umpire data if there is anything significant to be gleaned from it. In the end, I’ll throw all the data into the hopper and try to come up with some solid daily advice on the men that swing the lumber.



2016 Ballpark Splits

 Ray's Ramblings - Pitcher Report - 4/11
Posted by Ray Flowers on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 14:29

Corbin, Feldman, Iwakuma and Sabathia have been good in the early going... or have they been? Should you panic over the cold starts of Davies & Shoemaker? Can someone please explain why there is any concern with the performance of Kluber? Please don't be in that group. Why didn't more people target Odorizzi and Teheran in spring this season? And finally, just how amazing has Syndergaard been as he continues to do things no person who has ever lived has accomplished?

 Ray's Ramblings - Hitter Caution
Posted by Ray Flowers on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 14:28

I can’t help it. I’m just hard wired this way. I see the negative in things, despite the good that exists. When I was 13 and playing Pony Baseball I hit a game winning homer in the top of the final inning. However, all I focused on after the game was the two strikeouts and the 0-for-3 I had before the winning homer. It’s just my outlook on life. That means I’m prone to focus on the early season absurd so that I can point out the errors folks are making with hot starting players. I will warn in what follows about Duvall, Garcia, Mazara, Parra and Souza. But, so you don’t feel that I’m a total heel, I will also write some kind words about McCutchen who folks are giving up on too quickly.

 Ray's Ramblings - Hitters, What To Look For
Posted by Ray Flowers on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 13:14

During the preseason I spent a good deal of time trying to help. I laid out baselines to know. I talked about skills and how to understand them. A week into the season it seems like many have forgotten those lessons, or perhaps they never received the memo with all the volume I tossed out there (there were like seven trillion words to pour through... and yes, I rarely sleep). Given that fact, and the sheer panic in the streets with some players, I thought it would be appropriate to once again go over what you should be looking at when you try to explain the slow start of some of the men at the dish.