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Ray Flowers has been a full-time fantasy analysist for the last 16 years – who has done that? – spending all his waking hours breaking down baseball, football and even hockey back in the day. For the past seven years, since the first day of the channel, he’s been on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio six days a week spewing opinionated analysis with his co-host Kyle Elfrink on the SiriusXM Fantasy Drive (Sirius 210, XM 87). Known for his analytical approach, Ray eschews pitching and quarterbacks early in drafts and isn’t afraid to predict outcomes that go completely against the grain if the data leads him there. When he’s not slaying Twitter with wondrous responses filled with charm and snark, or winning FSWA Writing Awards, he can be found watching a superhero flick, taking a swim or pounding vodka Red Bull’s into the wee hours of the morning.

 DFS Hitting Breakdown - 4/4
Posted by Ray Flowers on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 12:51

Ray Flowers first Hitting Coach of the year. He will handle this article Monday through Friday before handing off the baton to Vlad Sedler for the two weekend shifts. A quick primer for the piece. There will be a smattering of data, pertinent to setting your daily squad up. There will be ballpark data. Which parks favor what type of hitters? There will be some BvP data, and yes, it does matter. We will try to list some umpire data if there is anything significant to be gleaned from it. In the end, I’ll throw all the data into the hopper and try to come up with some solid daily advice on the men that swing the lumber.

 Ray's Ramblings - What we Learned on Opening Day
Posted by Ray Flowers on Monday, April 3, 2017 - 14:59


Here are the results on the hill for the six men who started Opening Day.

Chris Archer was Dr. Jekyll Sunday allowing two runs over seven innings against the Yankees. He struck out five while walking only one. Getting ahead in the count is key, an if he does that he can drop that slider in and create swings and misses or weak contact. The game is pretty simply if you have this level of stuff and simply throw strikes.

Madison Bumgarner hit two homers to set a Giants record for pitchers with 16 career big flies. By the way, MadBum has more homers than Mike Trout and Kris Bryant their last 255 plate appearances. MadBum was also dynamic through six innings before slowing in the seventh. All told he allowed three runs, didn’t walk a batter and struck out 11 over seven frames. #HesAHorse

 Ray's Ramblings - 4/3 - Batting Orders
Posted by Ray Flowers on Monday, April 3, 2017 - 14:58

Xander Bogaerts is batting 6th on Opening Day for the Red Sox. Ugh. Xander hit second or third nearly all of last season, but after his second half fade last season, and the ascension of Andrew Benintendi, it seems like the Red Sox are confident that dropping Bogaerts is the correct move. I don’t see that as being the correct call at all. But hey, no one asked me (though they should have). Bogaerts is coming off back-to-back 190 hit seasons and last year went .294-21-89-115-13. The desire for the lefty/righty thing is really costing Xander here. Don’t panic if you own him, but this isn’t the news that anyone was hoping for. I would bet he ends up batting higher in the order if he just hits like he has the last two seasons.

Byron Buxton was going to hit leadoff, at least was the hope in the fantasy community heading into the season. Woke up Monday morning and lo and behold... Buxton is batting third. Obviously this is excellent news for his outlook as it was also always possible that he would be placed in the bottom third of the order. He must make better contact or he could end up there in short order. Brian Dozier is batting leadoff by the way.