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2014 winner of the FSWA’s Baseball Article of the Year award. He followed that up by being one of the three finalists for the FSWA 2015 Basketball Writer of the Year award. Benjamin was a featured writer for the DraftKings Playbook, a podcast host and writer for RotoWire, a daily fantasy expert at Scout Fantasy and one of the featured writers and webcast hosts at RotoCurve. He is a frequent guest on Sirius XM Fantasy talking about both season long and daily fantasy sports topics.

 Benny's Daily Hoops - 2/23
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Friday, February 23, 2018 - 12:59


  • Hawks: 14th pace, 21st scoring, 22nd points allowed
  • Pacers: 21st pace, 12th scoring, 13th points allowed

Hawks: Not really a great spot for the perimeter guys on the Hawks. I like Dennis Schroeder the best and he gets a slight boost today. It looks like Malcolm Delaney is out and Isaiah Taylor is questionable. That really would leave Schroeder as the only true PG and would probably bump up Tyler Dorsey a bit as a punt option since he is the likeliest to handle backup PG minutes and see some time with Schroeder at the SG spot. Taurean Prince and Kent Bazemore are the likely wing duo. Prince has seen his offensive game struggle much of the last month or two since his hand injury. It had been a reason we saw an uptick in scoring from Bazemore. Bazemore likely draws some Oladipo defense here, which makes it tough to back him. Big men do well against the Pacers, so I do like Dewayne Dedmon here. Dedmon before the break not only took back his starting center role, but he is seeing the bulk of the minutes in a crowded frontcourt. Guys like Ersan, Collins, and Muscala are all seeing minutes too. Dedmon has averaged 28 minutes over the last three games and produced averages of 13+ points and 10 rebounds. The upside is not huge, but he is solid and in a good matchup.

 Benny's Daily Hoops - 2/22
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 12:19


  • Vegas: Hornets -7.5, 215
  • Nets: 6th pace, 16th scoring, 25th points allowed
  • Hornets: 10th pace, 14th scoring, 17th points allowed

Nets: Very interesting to see how the Nets start the second half. D’Angelo Russell carried this team early before suffering an injury. He’s back up to around 30 minutes before the break, so I would expect that to keep climbing as we start the back end of the season tonight. It has not really hurt Spencer Dinwiddie either as he is still playing mid 30s to low 40s minutes and producing. The two are on the floor more and more together. Caris LeVert remains out, so that keeps those minutes open for guys like Dinwiddie, Russell, and even Allen Crabbe. All three of those guys are likely to see 30+ minutes tonight and moving forward. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson also remains out and we have seen 31+ minutes in three straight for Quincy Acy with him sidelined. Jahlil Okafor is banged up too, which really thins out the Nets. The big man who stands to benefit most is Jarrett Allen. He’s played well but is still more of a half a game kind of guy. Demarre Carroll is playing big minutes to. You are also getting over 30 out of him. Dinwiddie has been the most consistently good of the bunch and has the most upside. I prefer Crabbe and Russell to Carroll right now. Those two are a few hundred cheaper and likely to score as many or more. One last guy to mention. Dante Cunningham is not a big-time fantasy producer, but you can’t argue with him seeing 28 minutes at only $3K. If Okafor misses and with RHJ and LeVert out, he could continue to play 24-30 minutes and at min price that at least makes him interesting.

 NBA Scoring Equation - Efficiency and Pace
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Monday, February 19, 2018 - 14:40

Throughout history the world has seen many important equations that have changed the way we view things. Einstein gave us E=MC squared. The good people at ESPN's sports science showed us how to calculate the force of LeBron James coming full speed on a fast break by using it. The world of physics was never the same. Newton gave us his Universal Law of Gravitational Pull. We can use it to calculate the sheer improbability of Michael Jordan soaring through the air. Newton changed the way we view Astronomy and those teachings are still used in figuring out orbital paths to this day. Math gave us the Pythagorean Theorem to unlock the mysteries of the triangle. Unfortunately it does not work to unlock the mysteries of Phil Jackson's triangle offense. Most people have no desire to sit through a physics, astronomy, or math lesson right now. The real reason you are reading this article is to become a better fantasy basketball player. There is an equation for that too. The single most important equation to understand in order to improve your managerial skills in fantasy basketball is that points scored are a function of pace and efficiency.

 2018 Rising Stars Game Breakdown
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Friday, February 16, 2018 - 18:08

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 Benny's Daily Hoops - 2/15
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 12:30