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2014 winner of the FSWA’s Baseball Article of the Year award. 2016 FSTA Winner for Radio Show of the Year for "On Target Fantasy". 2017 winner for Basketball Writer of the Year from the FSWA. Benny was a featured writer for the DraftKings Playbook, an on air talent for FNTSY Radio, a podcast host and writer for RotoWire, a daily fantasy expert at Scout Fantasy and one of the featured writers and webcast hosts at RotoCurve. He is a published author in the fantasy sports space and a journalist who has had articles picked up by the AP press and distributed through various news outlets around the country. He is a frequent guest on Sirius XM Fantasy and FNTSY Radio talking about both season long and daily fantasy sports topics. 

 By the Numbers - 8/15
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 13:52


  • Derek Holland v. Hyun-Jin Ryu


  • Holland has actually thrown well this year
  • His is over a K per inning when he's more like a mid 7 K per 9 guy for his career
  • Around 3 walks per 9 is in line with his career numbers and he’s a little below his HR/9, probably due to that cavernous home park
  • ERA and xFIP hover around 4, both numbers a tad below his career marks
  • He is very tough on fellow lefties, but righties have always been above average against him and that is the case this year too
  • The Dodgers actually hit righties much better, but they have a lot of good bats with long histories of hitting lefties too. It is not a soft spot for Holland, even though he’s been decent this year and better than normal

Dodgers: Matt Kemp, Manny Machado, Brian Dozier, Justin Turner

 By the Numbers - 8/14
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 14:10


  • Rick Porcello v. Nick Pivetta


·      He has been very erratic this year. It took him just 86 pitches to throw a complete game against a good Yankees lineup two back, and then he got light up and chased in the fourth inning by a lesser Toronto Blue Jays lineup 5 days later. 

·       On the season, some numbers are good, some are concerning

·       8.7K per 9 is his highest ever, so that is obviously one of the good numbers

·       4.17 ERA and 3.90 xFIP are both in line with his career norms, so those are not bad

·       Both sides are around a .300 wOBA. HE’s been a tad better to each, but lefties still the better split by a little bit

·       The batted ball is what has me concerned though His GB rate is down from 48.6% to 45%. His FB rate is up from 31% to 35% and his hard contact rate is 33%, up from 29%

·       The Phillies are a high strikeout team. The 23.9% rate is fifth highest in the league. They also have a high wRC+ score of 104 though, which also puts them in the top 10 for runs created. You can get some K's against them, but they also may tag you for a few runs

Phillies: Justin Bour, Asdrubal Cabrera, Nick Williams, Rhys Hoskins (All these guys have solid wRC+ scores v. RHP)

 By the Numbers - 8/13
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Monday, August 13, 2018 - 10:38


  • Madison Bumgarner v. Clayton Kershaw


  • He missed much of the season but has been solid if not his usual spectacular self since returning
  • His K per 9 is down this year. Only 7.7 K's per 9 vs. 8.7 for his career
  • His walk rate is up a bit in the mid 3 range from mid 2s normally as well
  • He still does not allow many homers, and he’s been better there this year at 0.61 v 0.87 for his career
  • He has a low 2.70 ERA, but the xFIP is 4.32, so negative regression is due
  • He’s normally insanely tough on lefties who own under a .250 career wOBA against him. Righties have been under .300 as well, so neither side hit him throughout his career. This year both sides are about a .280 wOBA, so again, very good numbers
  • The Dodgers are a mid-tier offense against LHP. They own just a 101 wRC+ and a tad over a 20% K-rate. It’s not the best spot for them, but also not the best spot for a pitcher against them

Dodgers: Justin Turner, Manny Machado, Matt Kemp, Chris Taylor (All 4 own over a 130 wRC+ against LHP)

 Benny's MLB By the Numbers - 8/12
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 10:42


Chris Sale v. Alex Cobb


  • Sale had 9 straight starts of 29 or more DK points before taking a week off with some shoulder inflammation. He threw 50 pitch bullpen session, so I’m not really worried about him not going deep here
  • He’s been unbelievably good this year. Ridiculous 13.2 K per 9. An ERA and xFIP both barely over 2 to go along with just a .196 wOBA v. LHB and a .245 wOBA in his weaker split against righties

 BY The Numbers - 8/11
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 11:50

We do not have a listed starter for the Red Sox as of now and frankly this may not even matter. It’s raining like cats and dogs in the northeastern part of the country today. David Price is slated to go in the opener, But they may not have a window to get in both halves of this double header.