DFS Pitching Breakdown - 5/19

Definitions For Advanced Stats:

K%:  Strikeout Percentage = Strikeouts / Batters Faced. A 20 K% is considered average for a pitcher. 27 K% is considered excellent and 15 K% is considered poor.

For hitters, it measures how often a hitter strikes out on a per plate appearance basis. 20.0 K% is considered average. 25.0 K% is considered poor for hitters (we like that when picking pitchers) and 12.5 K% is considered great (we don’t like that when choosing a pitcher.) However, when looking at an entire team’s K%, last year's average was 21.2 K%. The higher the number, the better for when you’re looking for a pitcher with upside.

BB%: Walk Percentage = Walks / Batters Faced. 7.7 BB% is considered average for a pitcher. The lower the better. 4.5 BB% is considered excellent and 8.5 BB% is considered poor.

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