Jefe's MLB Rundown - 7/11

What to expect from this article:

I will be posting an article Monday through Friday when I’m available to do so. The length of the article will vary since sometimes it’s necessary to go in-depth on certain pitchers and there are some slates where there won’t be many hidden nuggets to share. Most of the analysis will be centered around pitching but also noting how batters will be impacted because of it. I will regularly review lineups and contests from the night before and provide direction on what types of games the slate is best suited for. Your expectations should not be to scan names and just start plugging players into your lineup. Instead, learn the thought process and reasoning for why I’m using players in my lineups. Ultimately the decisions are yours and I’m just trying to provide you with as much useful info as I can. I don’t want any percentage of your winnings if you win, just as I don’t want to hear about how you didn’t cash your GPP because I wrote that Gerrit Cole has a great K% against lefties (a fact) but finished with zero strikeouts against the lefties and gave up a home run to one. I don’t mind you giving me a hard time if I say something that is factually wrong, like that Buster Posey strikes out at a 50% clip against left-handed pitching. But I seriously doubt I’ll do anything like that! Let’s set realistic expectations and take ownership of our decisions and I’m confident that we’re going to end the season very strongly. I’m ready to lock up my first 2018 Live Final seat on FanDuel if not pick up a second one on DraftKings!

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