By the Numbers - 5/19

Philadelphia Phillies @ Pittsburgh Pirates​

Vegas: Pirates -112, 9

Jeremy Hellickson v. Trevor Williams

Hellickson: He has an interesting profile and it dates back a few years. Normally lefties hit him for a higher average, although this year he is getting them out. Righties normally have the lower average, but more of the power upside we see. He is not a strikeout pitcher and tends to skew more towards allowing fly balls. The park here may help limit those fly balls to long outs.

Pirates: Josh Bell is the best hitter against right-handed pitching with a .357 wOBA since 2015. No one on this team has an ISO score over .200, so they lack power upside. John Jaso and Adam Frazier are the other two bats who have been hitting righties well. McCutchen is the best in same handed matchups, but all three of them are average or slightly above at best. This is not a great matchup for them, but it has more to do with the offense being weak with Polanco hurt and Marte suspended.

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