By the Numbers - 8/11


  • Vegas: Yanks -125, 9
  • Eduardo Rodriguez v. Jaime Garcia

E-Rod: HAs good strikeout stuff and weird reverse splits that actually favor fellow lefties. This is a great spot for him. The Yanks are struggling with the bats. They are also one of the best matchups for lefties as presently constructed. The active roster has a wRC+ score of only 85 against LHP with over a 23% K-rate. E-Rod does have K upside, Is the underdog here, and is really cheap. To be honest, he makes for a great low owned GPP play.

Yanks: I’m not really high on any of them here. Sure guys like Sanchez and Frazier have hit lefties well, but Judge is in a horrific slump. He’s really cooled off the second half of the year. With him the Yanks offense has cooled as well. Holliday and Castro are both out and those were two righties who crushed lefties for them. This lineup is now much weaker and that pints me towards the Red Sox.

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