By the Numbers - Late 5/16


  • CC Sabathia v. Max Scherzer


  • Strikeout upside is gone, but he’s pitching and getting guys out in other ways at this point of his career. He also rarely ever walks anyone.
  • Through 36 innings, these are his numbers: 2.33 ERA, WHIP 1.02, 28 Ks in 36 innings of work. 
  • Still much tougher on LHBs. RHBs have done most of the damage and had most of the power in recent years against him.
  • CC tends to go 5-6 innings tops in most of his starts
  • He lacks upside for me, but he’s pitched well enough where taking bats against him has been pointless. If you do take bats, make them righties.

Nationals: Anthony Rendon, Trea Turner


  • One of the elite strikeout pitchers n the game
  • He is lights out to right-handed bats
  • Lefties do hit him decently and have power upside against him as a fly ball guy
  • Scherzer is a beast, he goes deep, strikes out tons of batters, and shuts teams down
  • Yankees have a lot of right-handed power with high K rates that plays into Scherzer’s strength

Yankees: Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius

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