Tommy G's MLB DFS Plays - 5/19

A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NEW TO THE MAFIA I will try and put any updates on the article in RED at the top like I did for NFL, so make sure you check back periodically as lock approaches As you all know, one of my strategies I use every night if I am going all in on a pitcher is to also put in what I call a “hedge team” where I stack AGAINST my main pitcher and pitch the popular pitcher I am FADING on a team.  I do this incase my pitcher implodes and the chalk hits, so i at least have 1 team still live.  It is a strategy everyone frowned upon when I started doing it 5 years ago, and now it is a popular strategy (pats self on back). DISCLAIMER: I am the most transparent person with who I am playing every night that you will ever meet and will always tell you who I am attacking and fading.   This year is a bit different than in years past though because we have this fucking amazing optimizer which I have never had access to before during MLB.  Almost every night I will be setting a bunch of lineups from our optimizer and entering them in small dollar tournaments and I won’t be messing with a lot of them, so if I say I am “fading someone” that is in my main lineups…..if I build 50 lineups with the opto and some of the guys I am fading end up in there i am not going to remove them.  Those will be mostly on my lower dollar entry teams.  I just want to say this incase I were to hit big on a $20 optimized lineup where I had 50 entries with someone I said I was fading so you don’t think I am being shady.

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