Vlad's Hitter Breakdown - 9/18

Tuesday’s 14-game slate does not include the Red Sox-Yankees game since they were scheduled to play earlier this morning. Today, we have the toughest high-end pitching decisions we have had to make in a very long time. I posted a Twitter poll earlier asking who people were using today – perhaps the responders aren’t DK people and haven’t factored in Blake Snell’s salary there but through 230 votes, Snell was far and away the top option (41%) compared to Kluber (29%), Nola (20%) and Strasburg (9%). Many opt to go with the lowest-owned in tourneys so if you truly believe Strasburg @ MIA falls under the radar, you may want to pounce. He is nearly 2k less than Snell on DK, is coming off a nine-strikeout outing in Citizens Bank Park against the Phillies and has a swinging-strike rate of around 12% over his last two starts (though velo is down from 95 to 93 mph). Josh James will be the most popular SP2 punt to help fit offenses in and those using him hope he can at least provide 3x in cash and puts himself in line for a win by going five innings.

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