Vlad's Hitter Breakdown - 9/20

Just your average, run-of-the-mill seven game slate on a football Thursday. Max Scherzer sticks out in comparison to the field which means stacking Indians against James Shields in hopes of chalk-fail revenge will be tough to pull off. It is truly either-or. So if you believe Max twirls a bounce back gem like I do, you’ll have to just select a couple Indians’ one-offs. If you believe one of E-Rod, Tanaka, Boyd or other can come close to what Max will do tonight points-wise, then take the savings for your Indians’ build. Either way, expect value Rays to garner somewhat respectable chalk for Scherzer teams. Lefty Cody Reed, fresh off a 10-strikeout outing at Wrigley (in five innings) will likely be the guy folks pair with Scherzer. I’m fine with that duo in cash, but will looking for more unique builds for large-field tourneys and the KOTD Qualifier today. Let’s dig in to the hitters.

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