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Posted on 2017-04-07 16:54 by Ray Flowers




It’s been a whirlwind first week with GuruElite. Just bonkers great has been the reception, special thanks to the #EliteMafia for that, and I’m settling in nicely in my new home. I know that the change has been a bit jarring to some of you out there, so in order to make the landing a softer one, I’m writing this article which will explain what I’m doing, and what the entire Elite Nation is offering, for the 2017 baseball season.

Here we go... 



You can read all about my move to GuruElite in Ray Flowers Joins The #EliteMafia. The highlights if you don’t want to click on the link and enjoy the wonder.

1 – My season long work can be found in the MLB SEASON LONG ARTICLES Page. ALL OF MY SEASON-LONG WORK IS COMPLETELY FREE. This includes the Ray’s Ramblings work that you are used to reading from me over the past few years as well as what follows in #2 and #3.

2 – My PLAYER RANKINGS will be updated the first day of each month throughout the season.

3 – The FSWA Award-Winning Player Profile Series continues at G.E. The first regular season entry is Brandon Finnegan and here is another one with Avisail Garcia.

4 – I will be writing daily about umpires, catchers and bullpens. I also plan on writing a Mailbag article each week.

5 - There will be weekly reports on the bullpens, on closers in particular, and we will also take an indepth look at catchers

6 – Monday through Friday I will be writing the DFS Hitting Breakdown. This is a pay article that is part of our unapparelled MLB DFS offering. It ain’t braggin’ if it ain’t true. It is. Check out the testimonials.


1- The NFL Draft Guide with more than 00+ articles showing/teach you how to dominate the competition. The Guide includes coaching breakdowns, strategy articles, rookie advice, not to mention more than 850 Player Ranked in PPR and non-PPR setups. We also have IDP rankings for those of you taking the next step in your fantasy football experience.


We will effort to have an hour long talk every day at 5 PM EST featuring our GuruElite experts in MLB Now. We break down the MLB slate for the evening action and help you to set your lineups. With audio. And video. Our faces. You can see them. Pretty epic tool folks.

We have an MLB Chat Room where you can fire away questions. 

We will also feature, in addition to my DFS Hitting Breakdown, a daily DFS Pitching Breakdown.

Our daily DFS offerings will also include: (1) By The Numbers pieces which break down the pitchers and matchups in each game on the docket. (2) DFS Cash Game Breakdown. (3) Tommy G’s Daily DFS Plays. (4) We have an entire list of MLB Cheat Sheet articles. This is a quick, down and dirty, list of players to use for any given day. Here’s are a couple of examples.

































We have a simple to read Park Factors Page.

Do you want to know the Batters vs. Pitcher data for the day? We’ve got a tool that allows you to sort by name, position, or category.

Who is in and out of the lineup? You know we’ve got that situation covered for you with our MLB Daily Lineups Page. This page lists the weather and the full lineups of each team (including the crucial lefty/righty stuff). Furthermore, if you are worried about Mother Nature being an issue? We have a Weather Page that tells you about the wing and the rain.

Are you new to the DFS game? If so, check out our Glossary of Terms.

We also have a DFS Strategy section with tips on Cash Games, Live Final’s, Multi-player entries etc. Here’s an example of one of the offers a Cash Lineups and Bankroll Management piece from mega-winner Vlad Sedler.



The Optimizer is an epic tool. It takes into account hundreds of data points including news & lineup information, runs thousands of simulations and constantly updates its projections all the way up until lineup lock. Here’s the intro to the tool.

We play HARDBALL when it comes to our full-game MLB game simulator. Baseball is a game of sequencing, so the only true way to model that is game simulation.  In The Hardball Simulator, each game is played 50K times every few minutes to predict player performance. Every aspect of the game is simulated, including: overall weather, humidity, wOBA splits, Ballpark, FIP, Batter vs. Pitcher profiles, wind, and base running—if it is part of the game, we simulate it.  Elevate your MLB DFS game from Single A to The Show with The Hardball Game Simulator.

If you’re new to the DFS game this tool is a massive aid. Even if you’re a veteran, this sucker is going to help you out a ton.


So, that’s what we have to offer to you for the MajorLeague Baseball season. After reading all of that how could you NOT be interested in joining the #EliteMafia?