Ray's Ramblings - Death By Injury

Posted on 2017-08-24 17:14 by Ray Flowers




Daily, I get notes from folks commenting about how their teams are beset by injuries. I nearly always say – I feel your pain, and it blows. While looking at my Tout Wars squad Wednesday night, I realized something tragically spectacular. Here it is. As of the start of this writing, late night August 23rd, my 15-team, mixed league squad has 12 men on the disabled list. Here’s the story.

In Tout Wars, because of all the injuries we have to deal with, there’s obviously no limit to the amount of players allowed to be placed on the disabled list. As an aside, I’m of the opinion that leagues will need to have at least five disabled list spots next season. Note I wrote – at least. If you want to go unlimited, like Tout Wars, I wouldn’t have an issue with it.

Here are the TWELVE players on the disabled list from my squad with some notes.

1 – Charlie Tillson was a reserve round bid on draft day. He’s been hurt since that day. This one is kinda fake since I always planned to stash him, so I’m actually fine with saying that I have 11 legitimate players on the DL.

2 – Jackie Bradley Jr. is on the DL with a thumb issue. The Sox expect him to return this season, but it’s not known when that will be. He went .267-26-87-4 last season, and was on pace for .262-18-70-65-8 this season. A solid depth option in a 15-team, five outfielder, league.

3 – Gregory Polanco has been on the DL multiple times this season. The 25 year old has never found his groove this season, a year after going .258-22-86-79-17 as one of the up and coming stars in fantasy.

4 – Joey Gallo recently went on the DL with a concussion. He’s been a star, qualifying at 1B/3B/OF, and since this is an OBP league, his .329 mark plays. Oh yeah, he was also on pace to go 45-85-85-8.

5 – Aaron Altherr has been on the DL multiple times with hamstring issues this season. One of the better waiver-wire adds this season, he’s appeared in 87 games with a .285-16-49-47-8 line with a .894 OPS.

6 – Clint Frazier is on the DL with an oblique issue. He has a .477 SLG, four homers and 17 RBI in 28 games played.

7 – Francisco Cervelli has been on the DL multiple times this season (currently with a wrist issue). After 4-straight years with a .370 OBP, the mark is down to .340 this season, but he’s still a passable second catcher.

8 – Devon Travis is on the DL with a knee issue. He was awful in April, and stupendous in May. In 213 career games, he’s a .292/.331/.462 hitter.

9 – Jason Kipnis just got off the DL, only to be placed back on it with a reoccurrence of the hamstring issue that disabled him. An average Kipnis effort the last two seasons: .289-16-68-89-14. He’s at .228-11-30-38-5 in 79 games this season.

10 – Andrew Miller had a knee issue that placed him on the DL. He returned, threw a few pitches and then was placed back on the DL with the same issue. He’s been stupendous, but after throwing 74.1 innings last season, he’s only at 54.2. Also, he only has two saves, a year after 12.

11 – Aaron Sanchez has been on the DL multiple times this season, ostensibly because of blisters and their aftereffects. Making Rich Hill look like Wolverine, he simply cannot get over the blisters. Sounds like even if he returns, it could be out of the bullpen. Last year, Sanchez threw 192 innings with a 3.00 ERA and 1.17 WHIP. He’s thrown 36 innings this season.

12 – Alex Cobb is on the DL with a toe issue, though he’s set to return shortly.

Amazing news to share... Cobb was activated from the disabled list, bringing my total down to 11 men on the DL.


Jason Castro, who I added when Cervelli went down, left Wednesday night’s action with concussion like symptoms. He was placed on the DL Thursday, bringing my team total back up to TWELVE on the disabled list.

You think I’m done? Come on...

Robinson Cano injured his hamstring Wednesday night. As of this writing, he’s off for an MRI and it’s unclear if he will be forced to the DL or not for an issue that has troubled him for a while.

Oh... Lewis Brinson was on my team until Sunday. He was placed on the DL in the minors, so I let him go or the number would be even higher of players on my squad who were on the disabled list.

FINAL NOTE... in AL LABR, here are my DL’d players: Danny Salazar, Matt Davidson, Clint Frazier, Brian McCann, Andrew Miller, Zach Putnam, Geo Soto and Devon Travis. That’s only eight players there. LOL


The next time you want to send me a note about your rosters and the battle it’s been to even find healthy players, understand that I feel your pain in a very intimate way.



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