Benny's Daily Hoops - 1/11

Vegas: Knicks -2, O/U: 209

Knicks: 9th Pace, 13th Scoring, 6th Most points allowed

76ers: 13th Pace, 26th Scoring, 9th Most points allowed

Neither of these two teams play good defense, so this is a soft spot for both. The pace is elevated, but not break neck speed too, which should also lead to a decent amount of scoring.

Carmelo Anthony - Still remains a GPP only option for me. Melo is scoring dependent and puts up big games when he scores a lot. When he does not, his return can really sink your lineups. Keep him away from the cash game teams due to his volatility.

Notes: After Melo, it gets a little dicey. You have Rose returning from going AWOL and he has not looked great lately anyway. Porzingis is still getting his shots up, but has been playing below his season averages since returning from injury three games ago. Joakim Noah loses minutes as well with Porzingis back in the fold. Noah and Brandon Jennings have played well lately and that has caused their prices to rise. I am not as high on either of them as I have been in the past few days. I want exposure to the Knicks against the 76ers, but am not really sure where to go to get it here.

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