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Benny's Daily Hoops - 11/13


  • Vegas: Wizards -11, 210
  • Kings: 27th pace, 29th scoring, 15th points allowed
  • Wizards: 7th pace, 2nd scoring, 19th points allowed

Kings: This team has three wins on the season and I honestly am not even sure how that happened. They did win two of the last three, so they are playing as well as they have all season. They already played Washington once and lost by almost 30 at home. This game is in Washington, so I can not see it getting any better for them. The box score there was pretty ugly with no one really doing much of anything. I guess you can make an excuse for Zach Randolph being out that game, but is he going to make a 30-point difference? I very likely end up with zero exposure here. If I take anyone it is going to be Randolph. He’s a guy who can get you 30+ fantasy points on his good nights for around $5K. I also hate him but have to mention Buddy Hield. He is playing more minutes lately and producing. Again there is not a ton of upside, but he has returned 6X his price and we can’t ignore that. Overall though, I’m probably fading this entire game.

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