Benny's Daily Hoops - 12/6


  • Vegas: Magic -6.5, 216
  • Hawks: 12th pace, 23rd scoring, 25th points allowed
  • Magic: 6th pace, 10th scoring, 28th points allowed

Hawks: The frontcourt has sustained a ton of injuries here. John Collins, Dewayne Dedmon, and Mike Muscala are all out. It does look like they will be welcoming back Luke Babbitt, so at least that is another body for them, even if it is not the best one they can use. The only big man who has some skills here is Ersan Ilyasova and he’s not exactly a safe play. The other big men who see time are Babbitt, Bembry, and Miles Plumlee. None are playing over 30 minutes so they are basically using a rotation of those 4 guys and all of them are not effective enough to want to play. The production has been coming from the backcourt guys. Dennis Schroeder has a huge usage rate a decent price and always goes low owned. I like him more for cash than GPP, because the floor is safe, but he lacks upside. We would need 50 DK points to get GPP value and his best games are in the 40s. Solid cash option given the pace scenario, but I would not be too excited to pay that tag for a GPP. The better GPP options are the riskier, yet cheaper guys on the perimeter like Bazemore, Prince, and Bellinelli. One of those three guys is going to get us GPP value because someone has to score and they are the guys who can do that. Belli at $4200 is really cheap. Baze and Prince play more minutes, but Bellinelli is the best pure shooter of the three and can rack up fantasy points quickly. Schroeder is likely to outscore all of them, but for a $3K-$4K discount, the other guys have a better chance of going 6X or better.


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