Benny's Daily Hoops - 1/8 (Early Slate)

This is a shit show today for NBA. Games go off all day long and I hate playing all day slates without news for the late games and lineups locking at noon. The slates are all staggered on the different sites as well, so some games are included in one and not the other and vice versa. I will do a write up for the early slate here and a late slate one closer to noon. Point Guard TJ McConnell - It looks like Sergio Rodriguez is out again, so TJ McConnell should get another game with 30+ minutes and end up with over 30 fantasy points. The problem today is the price has jumped up huge, so we are not getting him at a dirt-cheap price anymore. He does have the best matchup possible against Brooklyn though, so that would make up for it. This position is stacked today in the early slate, as you also have Giannis Antetokounmpo and John Wall taking on each other in what should be a game that features a lot of points. You also have Kyle Lowry going up against a Houston Rockets team that gives up a ton of points. I am not worried too much about Patrick Beverley slowing him down and I think all those guys are in play.

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