Benny's Daily Hoops - 1/8 (Late Slate)

Note: The Detroit /Portland game was rescheduled from last night and is not included on the late slates for NBA on DK, but I think it is over on FanDuel. This could lead to a lot of those guys going lower owned, but it is not an ideal matchup for the Blazers against a slower paced defensive team. It is however a great spot for the Pistons and guys like Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are very interesting plays and should be used heavily by us in tournaments if others will forget about them since the game is not available on DK. Point Guard Eric Bledsoe - I expect the Suns to get stomped by the Cavaliers today, but I also expect a big game from their best player in Bledsoe. Kyrie is a weak defender and Bledsoe has been good on the offensive end all season. Elfrid Payton - Point guard against the Lakers is a thing we always want to attack. Elf has been playing better and putting up some nice scores. I am willing to go back to him today, but he is still a tournament only pay.

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