Benny's NBA Cash Game Breakdown - 3/13


LeBron James - If I pay up today, I’m going for LeBron over Westbrook and Davis in cash. LeBron’s floor is already huge, around 55 points a night. Now you give him one of the best matchups in the league against a fast-paced Suns team coming over two road losses in LA. LeBron is not going to let them go 0-3 on this road trip and while both LA losses are to teams playing well, this one would be a very bad loss. I expect LeBron to come out swinging and put up a big first quarter. From there he should be on triple-double watch. I like that the game is in Phoenix and all the Suns are expected back. That only means it should stay close and close means 35+ minutes of highly productive LeBron.

Paul Millsap - The price is in the $6K range, but now the minutes are in the 30 range too. At full strength and full run, Millsap is an $8K player. He’s getting about 85% of the minutes for only 80% of the price. That means he is still cheap and definitely a guy we can look at here. Plus, his team has the biggest pace jump and the second biggest projection above their average.

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