Jefe's NBA Rundown - 1/9

As always, the rundown is designed to give you an opinion on some different players or situations in the slate today. You need to be reacting to news throughout the day. Always keep an eye on Twitter for the most up-to-date information. The idea is not that you use ONLY players from this article to build your lineups, but rather all of our content from Benny’s article, to our cheat sheets and videos along with our projections algorithm and optimizer. If you’re trying to only use players under the “cash” section to build your cash lineups for instance, you’re going to have a hard time. Instead, use some of those players as building blocks and fill in around them.

This is just a short article today since obviously we’re only dealing with three games and there’s not much to talk about. We’ll be back with deeper articles, videos, and cheat sheets starting tomorrow. I recommend making this a lighter day than usual since there isn’t a big edge in three game slates. Luckily this is the smallest slate of the year (because of the National Championship game), so this is a rare thing.


Point Guard

Russell Westbrook is clearly the top option of the slate from a raw points perspective and is a pretty tough fade tonight. The position isn’t as deep as it usually is, plus getting the guy that is by far the most likely to end the night with the most fantasy points is usually the way to go on these short slates.

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