NBA Scoring Equation - Efficiency and Pace

Throughout history the world has seen many important equations that have changed the way we view things. Einstein gave us E=MC squared. The good people at ESPN's sports science showed us how to calculate the force of LeBron James coming full speed on a fast break by using it. The world of physics was never the same. Newton gave us his Universal Law of Gravitational Pull. We can use it to calculate the sheer improbability of Michael Jordan soaring through the air. Newton changed the way we view Astronomy and those teachings are still used in figuring out orbital paths to this day. Math gave us the Pythagorean Theorem to unlock the mysteries of the triangle. Unfortunately it does not work to unlock the mysteries of Phil Jackson's triangle offense. Most people have no desire to sit through a physics, astronomy, or math lesson right now. The real reason you are reading this article is to become a better fantasy basketball player. There is an equation for that too. The single most important equation to understand in order to improve your managerial skills in fantasy basketball is that points scored are a function of pace and efficiency.

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