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 Benny's Daily Hoops - 11/15
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 14:56


  • Vegas: Knicks -4, 205
  • Jazz: 24th pace, 28th scoring, 6th points allowed
  • Knicks: 20th pace, 15th scoring, 14th points allowed

Jazz: Not much really changes without Gobert in terms of production here. Looking at the cast of characters, I did not see a lot I was interested in. Derrick Favors still is not likely to see 35 minutes. I think the one game he did was the exception, not the norm. Rubio is pricey and very erratic. Guys like Ingles and Hood lack upside. Jonas Jerebko is getting starter’s minutes at the PPF spot, but not really producing enough for me to be interested. That really only leaves one guy and that’s Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell is not shy to shoot and he is doing it often with good success. He has had some monster games lately scoring the ball and would be the only upside guy I have faith in here.

 Jefe's NBA Rundown - 11/14
Posted by Jeff Collins on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 17:20

The rundown is designed to give you an opinion on some different players or situations in the slate today. You need to be reacting to news throughout the day. Always keep an eye on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

 DraftCheat's NBA GPP Plays -11/14
Posted by DraftCheat on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 16:57

I know many of our subscribers had a great NBA night last night as the screenshots were rolling in and most of the plays that we were high on ended up having good nights. First off, if you are among those people that had success last night, congrats! 

 Benny's Daily Hoops - 11/14
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 15:03


  • Vegas: Celtics -7, 208
  • Celtics: 24th pace, 24th scoring, fewest points allowed
  • Nets: fastest pace, 4th scoring, 29th points allowed

Celtics: This is one of the biggest pace flips we are able to have here overall and the two teams have opposite philosophies. The beneficiary of that is the Celtics. The entire Celtics team is in play here for me tonight. That’s how ideal the pace scenario is for them. With the Celtics being on the road, I have more faith in the Nets at least hanging around until the fourth quarter. The price bumps for the Celtics are not ideal, but this should be a game where most or all of them play to the upside. Kyrie is expected back, so be careful when you game log watch as he missed the last two games and everyone’s stats get inflated when you take one of the highest usage guys on the team out of the equation. With that being said, you can always make a case for any and all of the guys who see big minutes against the Nets.

 Jefe's NBA Rundown - 11/13
Posted by Jeff Collins on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 16:55

The rundown is designed to give you an opinion on some different players or situations in the slate today. You need to be reacting to news throughout the day. Always keep an eye on Twitter for the most up-to-date information. The idea is not that you use ONLY players from this article to build your lineups, but rather all of our content from other articles, to our cheat sheets and videos along with our projections algorithm and optimizer. If you’re trying to only use players under the “cash” section to build your cash lineups for instance, you’re going to have a hard time. Instead, use some of those players as building blocks and fill in around them.

Format: This is organized by positions listed on FanDuel since on DraftKings the multi-position eligibility makes it hard to categorize. If I think a play is specific to one site, I will note that with a (DK) or (FD) next to the player’s name OR in the notes section.

 Benny's Daily Hoops - 11/13
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 15:00


  • Vegas: Wizards -11, 210
  • Kings: 27th pace, 29th scoring, 15th points allowed
  • Wizards: 7th pace, 2nd scoring, 19th points allowed

Kings: This team has three wins on the season and I honestly am not even sure how that happened. They did win two of the last three, so they are playing as well as they have all season. They already played Washington once and lost by almost 30 at home. This game is in Washington, so I can not see it getting any better for them. The box score there was pretty ugly with no one really doing much of anything. I guess you can make an excuse for Zach Randolph being out that game, but is he going to make a 30-point difference? I very likely end up with zero exposure here. If I take anyone it is going to be Randolph. He’s a guy who can get you 30+ fantasy points on his good nights for around $5K. I also hate him but have to mention Buddy Hield. He is playing more minutes lately and producing. Again there is not a ton of upside, but he has returned 6X his price and we can’t ignore that. Overall though, I’m probably fading this entire game.

 DraftCheat's NBA GPP Plays - 11/13
Posted by DraftCheat on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 13:21

Point Guard

Lonzo Ball ($7,400 DK, $7,500 FD) - I’m not a particularly big fan of Lonzo Ball and haven’t used him much this season, but this game sets up perfectly for him against a Suns team who loves to get up and down the court, plays little defense, and who Ball previously torched (though they were still playing Eric Bledsoe at that time who was basically not trying). Lonzo needs a pace up game with little defense to really shine on the court, and he’ll get it tonight in this matchup. He’s also gotten big minutes when he’s played well and the game is close, both of which could be the case tonight.

Dennis Schroder ($7,100 DK, $7,000 FD) - Schroder continues to be the engine that makes the Hawks offense (such as it is) go. He’s got one of the top usage rates among all point guards at 33.5% and has a 36% assist percentage as well. He’s not always efficient, but the shots will be there and the Hawks are likely to let him go to work against the poor perimeter defense of the Pelicans.

 Benny's NBA DFS Cash Game Breakdown - 11/13
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 13:20

Nice 9 game slate we have here today. I’m going to try to make this more like the baseball one we did so it’s easier for you guys to digest the knowledge and make your lineups. Tell me what you think on Twitter (@BennyR11).

Top Totals

Lakers @ Suns - 229

Magic @ Warriors - 227

 Scott's NBA By The Numbers - 11/12
Posted by Scott Christensen on Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 08:25

Hey, what's up, guys! One thing to note about today's NBA action is that DK and FD are handling the slate differently. DK has one main slate that includes all four games while FD has an early slate of 2 games and a night "main" slate of 2 games. As a result, FD pricing is, in general, significantly higher than DK pricing, though not for several Celtics players (which we should take advantage of on FD). 

 Thad's NBA GPP Plays - 11/11
Posted by Thad Houston on Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 16:57

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