Keeping Pace with NBA Defenses

Leveraging adjusted pace & efficiency in the NBA’s second half & playoffs

With the All Star break behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on how the NBA season has developed and determine ways we can leverage that data in the remainder of our DFS slates. One way that we can view the season is through the lens of Adjusted Pace & Efficiency.

Primarily, DFS players will look only at the offensive side of the ball, studying how teams and players have performed with the ball in their hands. This is fine analysis, but oftentimes it doesn’t offer gamers enough differentiation from the crowd. We can counteract this “group-think” by analyzing how defenses perform in specific situations. This may lead us toward players that might appear pedestrian in most offensive situations, or away from players that are offensive juggernauts on a near-nightly basis. Now that every team has played roughly 60 games, we have enough data points for varying game scenarios that we can predict with some confidence what pace and efficiency a defense will allow.

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