Quick Tips for Playing NBA DFS

Posted on 2017-10-17 16:26 by Jeff Collins




First, here’s the content that you can expect from us:


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If you’re new to NBA…

NBA DFS in its simplest form is trying to figure out how many minutes each player is going to play and how many fantasy points per minute he should get in his particular matchup. Injuries play a big factor in the game because new starting lineups and rotations can turn an irrelevant player into a must-play. We’ll be able to help you with adjusted usage rates that will impact whether a new guy in the rotation has an increase in their fantasy points per minute or not. We will also let you know whether a matchup is more favorable to a pick-and-roll ball handler, a perimeter shooter, a low post scorer, or a rebounder. It’s important to pay attention to late news. The hour before lineups lock is the most important time of the day. In contests that offer late-swap, the need to monitor news remains up until the last game tips off (which is why I prefer the non-late-swap games).


Whether you’re new or not…

Let’s be sure to practice responsible bankroll management and set our expectations to reasonable levels based on the game selection that we choose. Will some of you qualify for a live final this year with our help? Absolutely. Will all of you, or even *most* of you? No chance. Qualifiers for live finals are really hard to expect a positive return from since the payouts are as top heavy as it gets. Unless you finish in 1st, you’re just burning money. So I recommend only dedicating a small percentage of your bankroll towards those if your main goal is to turn a profit this season. If you’ve just set aside a certain amount of money that you’re fine with losing in order to try and qualify for a final, then that’s completely fine as long as you actually understand the risk. For instance, if you set aside $3k in order to try and qualify for a ticket worth $30k, then that sounds like a one in ten chance (10%) at making the live final, which sounds pretty good. But even before you factor in rake, you’ve gotta look at it from the opposite perspective… that’s a 90% chance that you do not make a live final. I’ve simplified that example, but I think you get the point. The way to have smaller wins and losses and to make your money last longer is to play more cash games. They aren’t as exciting, but you’re going to be in the money way more often than you would by strictly playing GPPs. If you’re a person that gets frustrated by going a week or two without cashing a lineup in a content, then GPPs might not be for you.


It’s a process…

Listeners of my podcast “The Velocity Report” during the MLB season know that I keep pushing people to stick to making the right decisions regardless of the results, and the results will follow. We’re here to make you better players, first and foremost. I’m extremely confident that by the end of this NBA season you will be confident that you’ve learned a lot and I think there’s a very good chance that you will have had a profitable season. It’s a long season, so be sure to have long-term realistic goals.


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