Benny's Hit List - 5/8

Every Sunday night I open up FanGraphs and look for outliers in terms of teams doing really well or really bad against a certain handedness of pitcher. It is rather simple and yet brilliant at the same time. I just sort 2017 team stats, active rosters tab highlighted, and open up two separate windows. One I sort v. LHP and one I Sort v. RHP. I then proceed to click the advanced stats tab and just sort the columns. What I want to do is sort by wRC+. This is a stat that basically tries to normalize all teams against a league average opponent in a league average ball park. I don’t care about the 80% of teams in the middle closest to the mean, I want to know who is way at the top ad way at the bottom. The teams way at the top are the ones we want to stack as they have shown the ability to create way more than league average amount of runs. The teams at the bottom are the situations we want to targets pitchers in, because those are the worst teams at creating runs. We also want to look at the strikeout rate of those bottom teams. A team that strikes out at a well above average clip and also does not create many runs is exactly the type of team we want to target against. Here are how the numbers shape up through the first few weeks of the season.

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