DFS NFL Playoff Writeup: Championship Round

There have been a lot of lessons learned this NFL season. One that constantly needs to be reinforced though is exactly what I was reminded of last week. Don’t let groupthink sway what you absolutely know. We put in a lot of work all week breaking down teams, players and matchups. We do this so that we can gain an edge on our opponents. Then what happens? Popular opinion makes its way onto social media, radio, podcasts and television. These opinions force doubt into our minds about the conclusions we’ve made independently. This is an exercise that occurs in so many areas of life, but in DFS, it costs us money.

Normally, I really dislike two-game slates for fantasy purposes, but this one is as good as it gets. For the first time ever, the top four offenses in the NFL are playing for the right to meet in the Super Bowl. These potent offenses offer us quite a bit of options in building lineups this week. Once again, I will be building multiple lineups this week and swinging for that GPP fence. Let’s get to it!!

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