Fantasy Football Elite with Jeff Mans: Season 2

Posted on 2018-09-04 12:30 by Jeff Mans

Welcome to the home of the Fantasy Football Elite Podcast hosted by Jeff Mans!

We’re proud to bring you this podcast absolutely FREE through the month of June! Below you will find a link to listen to every episode of Season 2 of Fantasy Football Elite. We’ve also included a description for every episode in order to help you find your preferred content faster!

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**Please know that while the majority of Fantasy Football Elite is rated PG, there will be language not suitable for children from time to time. We ask that you please use caution when playing in front of children or sensitive adults. Thanks for your understanding.


EPISODE 21- The Perfect Draft

  • NFL News, Notes & Injuries
  • What To Do About Injured Eagles
  • This Year's Version (of last year's breakouts)
  • The Perfect Draft

EPISODE 20- All About That Run Game

  • NFL News, Injuries and Preseason Updates
  • Offensive Line Rankings for Fantasy Football
  • Running Back/Handcuff Grid
  • Ask Me Anything

EPISODE 19- Zero Fat

  • NFL news, notes & preseason week 2 reaction
  • My Fantasy Football Watch List
  • Kicker & DST Strategies
  • Fantasy Football Either/Or Based on ADP

EPISODE 18- Carry-On, Kerryon!

  • NFL Injury & Recent Signing Updates
  • NFL Training Camp News & Notes
  • Preseason Week 1 Notebook
  • How Age of QBs, RBs, WRs & TEs Affect Fantasy Football

EPISODE 17- Accountability

  • NFL Training Camp News & Injuries
  • Buying A Car, Running Into Brian Urlacher
  • What We Learn From Training Camp
  • Fantasy Football Myths

PISODE 16- Sniff the Air

  • NFL Training Camp News & Injuries
  • Buying A Car, Running Into Brian Urlacher
  • What We Learn From Training Camp
  • Fantasy Football Myths

EPISODE 15- The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear

  • We don't have to support Josh Gordon in Fantasy Football
  • Training Camp Holdouts
  • Surprise Training Camp Attendees
  • Prominent QB, RB, WR, TE Training Camp Battles

EPISODE 14 - Make Every Pick Count

  • Big news coming from Guru Elite
  • Don't believe the preseason hype from over indulgent beat reporters 
  • Biggest risers & fallers in latest ADP
  • My Top 12 Overall Picks Right Now

EPISODE 13 - Just One More Promo

  • NFL News & Notes
  • My new WR love for 2018
  • TE's in new places 
  • Teams that upgraded their offensive lines this offseason

EPISODE 12 - Eat Arby's

  • Why does Arby's taste so good then tear apart your insides
  • Jameis Winston 3 game suspension by the NFL
  • NFL WR's who changed teams in 2018
  • Guru Elite NFL Draft Guide coming soon

EPISODE 11 - Know When To Hold 'Em, Know When To Fold 'Em

  • How to deal with offseason injuries
  • RB News: Terrance West signing, David Johnson holding out
  • RB's who are in new places in 2018 
  • How to handle aging players in fantasy football

EPISODE 10 - New Faces, New Places

  • Latest news on Gronkowski trade rumors
  • Julian Edelman suspended for four games
  • QB's who are in new places in 2018
  • Terrell Owens not going to Hall of Fame rant

EPISODE 9 - No Mistakes

  • Bigggest sports mistakes ever
  • News, Clay Matthews broken nose, worst offseason NFL injuries
  • Building the perfect WR corps breakdown
  • Ideal WR candidates at every spot on our best ball & redraft rosters 

EPISODE 8 - Best Ball RB Pairings

  • Why the NBA is garbage & the NFL has ruled the last 30 years
  • Brandon Marshall still wants to play, signs with Seahawks
  • Best ball RB pairings, how to fill your six RB spots
  • Late round sleeper RB's in best ball & beyond

EPISODE 7 – Nothing Can Stop Us

  • Memorial Day & Political Correctness
  • Reaction to Hunter Henry torn ACL & other sleeper TEs
  • NFL’s New National Anthem Policy
  • Best Ball Strategy: Proper Roster Construction

EPISODE 6 – Don’t Be The Jets

  • Why the Jets & other bad organizations are doomed for failure
  • New NFL Rules: Kickoffs, ejections & more
  • Game theory in fantasy football & why it means so much
  • Best Ball Strategy: QB Pairings

EPISODE 5 – How To Make $$ Right Now In Fantasy Football

  • How to attack the competition right now & make profits
  • NFL Future bets to make right now
  • Best Ball Strategies: Only taking 2 QB’s
  • The proper way to play dynasty leagues: Setup, scoring, tips & tricks

EPISODE 4 – Best Ball, Baby!

  • News from NFL: Brady/Gronk & Dez updates, Josh Rosen getting 1st team reps
  • Best Ball Leagues: What are they? Differences between MFL10, & others
  • Don’t be a puss “person” & why I’m high on Luck, Watson & Wentz
  • Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Overall #13-24

EPISODE 3 – Dynasty 2018

  • Don’t be a homer. How to separate fandom from championships
  • Mark Ingram suspension reaction & Saints backfield discussion
  • Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Overall Top 12
  • Jeff Mans SiriusXM Dynasty League Draft 1st round recap

EPISODE 2 – Postdraft Rankings

  • Why we prepare early for fantasy football season
  • How fantasy football has changed over last 10-15 years
  • Projecting the risks of August & September
  • QB, RB, WR & TE postdraft rankings

EPISODE 1 – Welcome Back!

  • A Season 2 welcome message from Jeff Mans & preview of what is to come
  • Behind the scenes of the 2018 NFL Draft
  • Full recap of the 2018 NFL Draft
  • Position by position breakdown of the best & worst picks of the draft