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Jeff Mans Weekly NFL Recap: Week 10

As many of you already know, I don’t miss anything when it comes to the NFL or fantasy football. This is mostly because I watch every single snap of every single game every single week. I have hard drives full of every game that I go back and reference whenever there is something in question. I don’t do all of this for my health, quite the contrary. I do this for all of you. So that when you spend your time and/or money with us here at Guru Elite you will always be in the know.

So, every week once the dust settles I will take my pages of notes from the day of football and put them into proper seasonal and daily fantasy context right here. If you have ANY questions about any game, team, player or situation don’t ever be afraid to reach out and ask.

My early season health issues took a greater toll on me than I realized at the time. Between week two and five I was essentially in a fog just trying to put one foot in front of the other. But now I can honestly say that I’m back in the form that I am used to being in the middle of an NFL season.

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