Kevin Adams' DFS Magic Breakdown - 8/16


It has been a very busy and productive off-season behind the scenes at Guru Elite. Be on the look-out for exciting changes and improvements as we move forward into 2019. We are about to celebrate our second birthday at Guru Elite! Of course, I thought it would be a success when we started in 2016. I wouldn’t have walked away from a 15-year career if I didn’t. But I had no idea it would explode and become a giant in the industry so quickly. In just two years (we started for the 2016 NFL season), we have expanded to over 30 people on staff and grossed over 5.7 million dollars, advising and entertaining over 12,000 subscribers! It may sound cheesy, but with all sincerity, I want to thank you for believing in - supporting us. It’s you the subscriber that has made us so successful, so I felt compelled to thank you in my first NFL article of the 2018-19 season...

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