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NFL Draft Guide

 Stay Away from Hometown Players
Posted by Jeff Mans on Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 09:39

We all have our favorite NFL teams. Whether you root for the Chiefs because you grew up in the western area of Missouri or anywhere in Kansas, the Ravens because you followed them out of Cleveland, the Dolphins because you grew up watching Dan Marino or the Patriots because you are a front running millennial. Somewhere deep inside all of us is that one team that we bleed for. For me that team is my hometown Chicago Bears. Sure, I moved out of Chicago years ago and now reside in the valley of the sun, but when the Bears come to town I fly the blue and orange. As a matter of fact, you could get me talking about to the Bears and my childhood to the point that you’d see tears in my eyes.

 Defense & Special Teams Strategies
Posted by Kenneth Le on Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 12:00

While it’s clear that there has been a push to get rid of kickers in fantasy football, Team Defense and Special Teams are a league option that has lost a lot of favor to IDP (Individual Defensive Player) leagues for a number of reasons, but most of those reasons are outlined beautifully by Jeff Mans in the “Intro to IDP” article.

In my opinion, it’s still very important to strategize for Defense and Special Teams leagues, because they can be something that is oftentimes overlooked. I will go over a few basic rules of thumb when it comes to drafting and maintaining your D/ST throughout the season.

 How to Use Kickers in Fantasy Football
Posted by Ted Schuster on Friday, August 18, 2017 - 12:00

Kickers have become a pain in the side of many fantasy football players over the years. There is a big push by many to get rid of them, if they had the choice, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. For the most part, most league formats still use a kicker, even the high-stakes leagues like NFFC and FFPC. Owners tend to wait till the last round or two to pick one up, but don’t forget, they can end up being an important part of your roster. We have all lost a match-up by just a point or two, and choosing the right kicker can make all the difference...

  Why We Handcuff Running Backs
Posted by Jeff Mans on Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 12:00

I just don’t understand. It is 2017 and fantasy football has been around for nearly 40 years now. We’ve had over 50 Super Bowls. Yet, so many people haven’t caught on to how much we overrate running backs. We overrate other players also...

 Zero RB Theory
Posted by Benny Ricciardi on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 09:50

People sometimes jokingly refer to fantasy football as Dungeons and Dragons for jocks. While this is obviously a joke, there is always a little bit of truth said in jest. When you boil it down to it’s simplest form, fantasy football is a game. A game like chess or poker. Every game has a set of strategies that players can employ in order to win. The entire study of game theory is based on this very fact. The Zero RB theory is one of those strategies. It is not a hard concept to grasp and you can probably figure out what it is just by looking at the name. The Zero RB theory postulates that you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents by not drafting RBs early on in your drafts. Since most people tend to overdraft running backs and go after them early, the idea behind the Zero RB strategy is that if RBs are being overdrafted, you are getting better caliber players if you draft guys first at other positions who must be underdrafted if running backs are overdrafted

 Jeff Mans' 2017 Draft Book
Posted by Jeff Mans on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 16:44

Welcome to the Official 2017 Draft Book by me, Jeff Mans! I'll be updating this frequently as news, updates and developments come out throughout the course of the preseason. With NFL Preseason action underway, it's time to really ramp up our fantasy drafting prep. Check out the Draft Book right here, or download a special PDF file at the bottom of the page - perfect for printing out and bringing to your draft to own the compeition! #EliteMafia

 Running Back Dependency
Posted by Jeff Mans on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 09:20

We learn a lot after each passing NFL season. We learn more about the coaches, the teams, the players and this game we all love called fantasy football. Many of us look back at the previous season and see how many fantasy points each player got. If you are feeling overly ambitious you may even break down these numbers by week, game or opponent to better understand the true value of last year’s players.

One of the most important things we can learn after every season though is just how each player achieved their fantasy status. Did they make their points because of an indulgence of touchdowns? Were they yard monsters who relied heavily on a lot of touches and big plays to gain fantasy stardom? Maybe you’re in a points-per-reception league and your players were reception whores that just racked up those reception points.

The running back position in particular is key to this understanding since they are the ones that accumulate points in the most variety of ways. Running backs are the lifeblood of any championship fantasy team and thus we want players who are going to contribute in as many ways as possible.

 When to Draft a QB
Posted by Ray Flowers on Monday, August 14, 2017 - 13:52

People want to draft quarterbacks early because they think a star quarterback gives them a huge advantage. I mean, look at the total points produced last season in your setup. It’s clear that signal callers scored the most points, right? Obviously, you must secure one early to get those points... so goes the traditional line of thought. Truth is – this line of thinking is completely wrong. What follows will explain, in clear detail, why taking that quarterback early isn’t near as strong a move as you seemingly think.



How has the league handled the passing game the last eight years? I tossed in 2004 to show what things “used to be like” in terms of the passing attacks so you can see how out of control things have been of late. The data should point out what is obvious – teams, all teams, pass the football more than they did in the past, and they are doing it better now than at any point in the past. As you will note, the king of passing seasons, it can be argued, was 2016.

 Size Does Matter
Posted by Jeff Mans on Sunday, August 13, 2017 - 09:00

I hate to be the one that has to break this to you but size does indeed matter. Not just in the bedroom, but in life. Reaching the high shelf in the kitchen, seeing over people’s heads at parades, always being in the back when you take pictures…these are all ways in which being bigger is better.

It also helps, however, if you happen to be an NFL wide receiver. You see, the bigger the wide receiver, the better fantasy impact they will likely make. Let me explain.

As I mentioned in the “Age Is Important” article, about 10 years ago I started looking for how and why certain players either broke out or broke down. As I pored over years of data, I started to notice a certain pattern with NFL WR’s. The big guys were having the most fun. Back in those days players like Randy Moss (6’4”, 215 lbs), Terrell Owens (6’3”, 226), Keyshawn Johnson (6’4”, 212), Chad Johnson (6’1”, 200) & Javon Walker (6’3”, 220) were starting to take over the game.

 Age Is Important
Posted by Jeff Mans on Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 21:30

We all recognize that football is a very physically demanding game. What these players put their bodies through is nothing short of abuse. Take a look at all of the lawsuits that are being filed by former players who are now limited physically due to what the NFL put them through. The average NFL career lasts just 3.5 years, and thus the turnover of NFL players is quite high. Even those who have a long career in the NFL have a very limited window of peak production years. It is those players who are at the pinnacle of their production that we target in fantasy football.