Cash Game Playbook

I will be the first to admit that I am boring, just like playing DFS cash games is. I did not buy a cool new sports car with my big basketball DFS winnings in 2015. I opted for a sensible four-door SUV with a third-row seat so I can fit my kids and all their stuff. I did not retrofit my living room into the ultimate man cave with four 60-inch televisions after a big MLB DFS night. I opted for one big 70-inch flat screen in my living room with the profits I ground out in DFS baseball over the summer of 2017. Grinding out profits is not as sexy as a splashy $100,000 screenshot, but I can assure you, the money is still green. They will accept it at your local car dealership or Best Buy. No one ever asks you how it ended up in your bank account, as long as the debit card transaction clears.

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