BMW Championship

Welcome back to PGA DFS. Week 3 of the playoffs is upon us. This week is a no cut event, where only the Top 35 in FedEx Cup points advances to Atlanta for the grand finale. The course features four Par 4’s over 450 yards and three under 400 yards which may skew how some people view which Par 4 stats to target. Make no mistake, the course plays to a strong wedge game as well as the ability to gain strokes off the tee (think smart golfers who manage their game versus bombers – although bombers have an advantage this week). There are only three Par 5’s and they all are over 580 yards, so it’ll be imperative to score on those holes. A couple game theory plays for GPP’s this week would be to target your two or three favorite players in the field and fill out the rest of your lineup with bubble boys (players who need to finish strong to make it to next week). The other game theory play would be to leave more than what you’re comfortable with on the table. This used to be a popular play, but as more focus is on NFL DFS, I think it’ll get lost in the shuffle this week. Leaving anything more than $1,000 will be contrarian for sure, but don’t do it just to do it. Make sure you’re targeting strong players whose game suits the course...

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