The Sweet Spot - OHL Classic



In order, I like Perez, Reed, Fowler. I don’t think Fowler is here for the right reasons. Of course, making money is the right reason, but I’m not sure if he’s being forced to be here because of sponsorship demands or what. Perez has been very good on Paspalum greens the last two years and Reed seems to play well on resort courses so the two are a toss-up for me, with Perez getting the nod over Reed because of his two wins on this type of grass.

  • Pat Perez $11,300: Defending champion this week, so of course he’ll be in play for GPPs as this is a strategy we’ve targeted with success all year. The form hasn’t slipped since the win at the CIMB. Perez has been hot fire since the back end of last year and this time of year specifically is when you ride those types of horses. 25%+ exposure

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