WGC Bridgestone Invitational

First things first, we’ve got a no cut event this week and already I’ve been getting messages about how I treat these events. Normally, I try to not play at all. We’ve been going pretty hard now week after week pretty every week since January and a break can be good (unless you’re on a heater, if you’re on a heater you do not take a break because you don’t want it to end unnaturally). That being said, I have little will power when it comes to DFS because it’s fun and I enjoy playing it. So, what I end up doing is scaling back about 30-40% of my normal volume and play my one lineup as usual, but just in select contests. This week however, I plan on playing my one lineup and MME’ing either the $4 on FD or the $8 (sigh) on DK. I did the $4 on DK last week and 20 lineups just isn’t enough lineups to get the kind of exposure to players that I wanted. It was also really tough to narrow down my player pool in a full field event (so maybe I should stick with that same game plan this week since it’s a smaller field?) and I ended up cutting out guys I really liked last week (Keegan, Vegas) because I didn’t see a point in having 10-20% of them when I was only playing 20 lineups. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the plays...

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