Kenneth's NHL GPP Plays - 1/9

Tuesday’s main NHL slate features seven games with a 7:00 PM ET/4:00 PM PT roster lock.  This week is going to be a very GPP friendly week thanks to some very small slates. This is due to the NHL mandated “bye week” that will put a whopping 15 of the league’s 31 teams on a bye throughout the week. I truly think the shorter slates are better for GPP because it limits the player pool. GPP tourneys on a 15 game slate can be extremely overwhelming because of the multitude of combinations that you can put together. I think a slate that ranges from three to seven games can give you the ability to get creative with secondary lines and extremely contrarian plays. Going contrarian on a big slate is rarely going to pay off. Imagine stacking Arizona’s 2nd line in EVERY 10+ game slate. You’d basically be lighting money on fire. 

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