How to Build DFS Cash Game Lineups

The wacky world of DFS baseball can be overwhelming, tilting and extremely volatile – especially if you’re playing for the first time or have only just dabbled. Between all of our tools, articles, the daily livestream video, cheat sheet, and of course the optimizer, GuruElite has all of the resources you need to become a better MLB DFS player.

Figuring out the right combination of players to roster can feel daunting, but being able to navigate around the site and establishing your own process is absolutely crucial to success and formulating some semblance of consistency. Having a process with lineup building will organize your thoughts, help you focus and set you on the right track towards cashing on a more consistent basis.

This article will review my research process for cash games, but first, it’s important to overview bankroll management and types of games. For those of you who have been at this for a while, consider it a “back-to-basics” refresher.

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