Madlab76 Q & A - UFC 214

Madguru76: Whats up guys! Madguru76: Ok give me a minute... I need to explain how important this is for your play tonight.. Madguru76: talent wise... Jon Jones wins this fight 9-10 times... I urge you guys to hedge this fight if you play it... My angle here is this... jones has been out for 30 minths... 5 rounds in 30 months... ring rust is real... Press row had that last fight 3-2 jones... judges saw it a little different... What killed cormier was his cardio... He gave jones the 3rd round... DC weighed in last his last fight and weighed in 1st for this fight which means he is on target and his diet was good... He has a really heavy belief system in himself and that is special... Will it be enough? I really dont know but I will tell you that at 7300 he is at least worth a few stabs... But so is jones for sure... But it isnt imperitive that you roll out this fight in all lineups

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