PFL World Championship DraftKings Pickem’ - 12/31

Posted on 2018-12-31 05:30 by Michael Iurato





Ok guys, here is the deal. This is new and this should be fun to mess with but it is also extremely hard from a prediction perspective. You not only have to pick the fighter, but you have to pick the round, the way, and the time in that round. So for me to sit here and be able to supply all that info correctly, I would need a damn crystal ball. Also if I supplied all that info then you would all just take it and 100’s of people would all jot I the same info. So here is what I did. I gave you who I think is going to win, how I think they will win, and hints on around the timeframe of the fight. The other few components you can have fun with and get tricky. This is the first one they are doing so I want to see how it shakes out before I dive into these long-winded articles. With that said, I would never leave you high and dry with nothing. Good Luck and have an amazing New Year!


Josh Copeland vs. Philipe Lins

Copeland wins the meanest mug award of the Tournament for sure, and I have to be honest, I wasn’t too high on this guy watching him throughout. With that said his Draw with a very tricky Barroso showed me that his undeniable KO power and his untamed brawling style works in the heavyweight division. However, Lins is going to have something to say bout that here. Since riding in the PFL he has finished all of his opponents and has shown us that he can KO you or he can Submit you. Training over at American Top team this guy is coming in with more weapons and discipline in the cage. Copeland is going to hang early. Backing Lins off with his power, but as the time starts to work its way into the 2nd round, the big boys do start to get a bit sluggish.

Lins by way of KO


Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Ray Cooper

If you ever wanted to take two people and mesh them together, Cooper reminds me of Ben Henderson mixed with Mike Tyson. If you like that explosive fighter with a ton of Horsepower than this is your guy. He has no regard for what your skill set is. He truly just has so much faith in his power that he is willing to throw caution to the win and go for it. For example in his 2 fights with grappling ace Jake Shields, he literally had no fear of his guard and just unloaded on him, beating him both times by way of KO. Mind you Shields is a shell of himself these days but to throw that much caution away on the ground against a guy that is extremely well versed on the ground is called confidence. He will be facing a much different animal in Magomed and he will need to understand that Magomed will trade fire with fire with him. His long frame allows him to also be dangerous on the ground where this fight may end up if they start throwing heat early. With that said Copeland is really dialed in and has seemed to always have more butane than the opponent in his flamethrower when it comes down to a good old fashion scrap. It is really hard to go against him here and I think he eventually catches Magomed in a very wild exchange and finishes him on the ground with strikes.

Cooper by way of KO


Sean O’Connell vs. Vinny Magalhaes

This fight is basically a barroom brawler vs a very strategic and dangerous anaconda. O’Connell is tough as nails and reminds me of the Jack Lamotta of the Tournament. Just a tough Irish dude that swings until he clips your wings and then pounces once he sees you dazed. However, he will be facing an absolute beast on the ground in Magalhaes that at any point in time will literally pull guard on you and reach for an assortment of submissions to set up on the way down. O’Connell is going to be game and he is going to try that Raging Bul type style but Magalhaes will meet him in the middle, back him up, jump guard and lock something up. I am expecting Magalhaes to have him taping before the fight reaches the 2nd leg of it.

Magalhaes by way of Submission


Nathan Shulte vs. Rashid Magomedov

This is a really tough fight for me to call. Nathan showed that his wrestling and his takedowns check out when he disposed of solid fighter and wrestler Chris Wade 2 times in very hard fought fights. He hunts and he pushes forward until he can secure a body lock and take you down with one of his tricky throws or trips. He has good athletic ability and he does not shy away from the pocket. He takes on the very calculated fighter, Rashid Magomedov, in which picks and chooses his spots very wisely. He relies on patience and space until he feels it is time to open up. He is not what you would call a fan-friendly fighter but his calculated approach works. However, I think that Shulte uses his more athletic frame to clear space, secure a few takedowns and get top heavy here possibly controlling enough time to steal a very tough fight.

Nathan Shulte by way of Decision


Lance Palmer vs. Steven Siler

I like this fight. There is a slight contrast in styles here but sometimes when you bring a storm into a disciplined town, strange things can happen. Siler is a Hurricane to deal with. He throws everything with intention to finish, and it has paid off well for him obviously to make it this far. In my opinion, his striking is sloppy but he seems to have very good hips on the ground and he is very creative off his back. With that said, When you bring that kind of style against a very high pedigree wrestling game that style can bring mistakes and mistakes can lead to exposing yourself for easy hip entry. Palmer is a 4 time All American from Ohio state and his game plan will be simple. Pull the wild man into an area where he can stand with him shortly and change levels and start to grind. A finish here wouldn’t shock me but Siler just looks like he has that Jason Miller gene just not as crazy outside of the cage. He isn’t going to quit and its clear that he likes to scrap. I think Palmer dominates with his wrestling but I think Siler holds his own and at least does enough to survive late.

Palmer by way of Decision


Abusupiyan Magomedov vs. Louis Taylor

Both men come in with similar backgrounds but different somatotypes. Both holding a good skill set of wrestling in their back pockets, it seems as if both enjoy to stand up and trade leather. Taylor is the stronger more powerful fighter but Magomedov is the one that seems to have more of these phantom finishes. I can see Taylor being a very dangerous problem early but as the fight starts to expire that muscular frame will require much more oxygen. If he can’t get it down near the midway point then I think it will be Magomedov coming on late, taking advantage and ending this by strikes late in the fight.

Magomedov by way of KO


Kayla Harrison vs. Moriel Charneski

I respect anyone who gets in the cage however, this fight is a showcase fight Harrison I think. Although Judo never historically never translated very well in MMA, Harrison is an Olympic Gold Medalist with more chops then Judo. Charneski is tough and she going to try her best to keep in range enough to strike but out of range enough where she can't get tossed out of the arena by one of Harrison’s Throws. It is going to be a feel-out process, but once Harrison shakes off the nerves, it is going to end quickly after.

Harrison by way of Submission