UFC 210

Daniel Cormier $8100 (+110) vs. Anthony Johnson $8100 (-130)

This is the long awaited rematch between 2 men that couldn’t be more on the other side of the spectrum in terms of stylistics. DC is a very well established Olympic Level Wrestler with an extreme grinding mindset, and “Rumble” grooms his resume by finishing as quickly as possible with his devastating and borderline non-human power. Both fighters showed their strengths and their weaknesses in their first match, in which left them understanding what adjustments would need to be made. The biggest gaping hole I did see from both fighters wasn’t so much in either of their fighting styles, but in the lack of heart and desire that AJ put on display. It is clear that if he doesn’t get his way from the bell he mentally weakens to the point where his corner was asking him, “How bad do you want it?” and screaming “Don’t give up.” As a fighter it is easy to lean on sickening power and walk out of a fight unscathed, but when you are in the trenches of war that is when the true spirit of a warrior will rear its head. When you are in the thick of it, a fighter sometimes needs to go to an extremely dark place and pull something out of himself only true champions can. I’m not certain AJ has that within him. That is not taught, that is not something you can just learn, that is in fact something that is hard wired into your genetic code. Daniel Cormier may get booed by fans for his grinding style, but I can assure you that he is wired with a kill or be killed mentality. Against Alexander Gustafsson he showed how deep he can dig when he was almost dead to rights, only to recover, storm back, and retain his title.

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