UFC 214

Jon Jones $8900 vs Daniel Cormier $7300

The long awaited rematch is here and barring any side tracking in the next few days, we should be in store for a pretty interesting fight. I am going to dig fairly deep into this fight, because I really want you to always understand my reasonings behind my conclusions. I can’t tell you how many times I watched the 1st meeting between the 2 this week. I really wanted to dial in on that fight because that is where you will find both men’s successs and failures. It will also help you gage on who needs to make what adjustments, and also who needs to make more and how realistic they are to do so. If any of you watched the first fight it was clear that the first 3 rounds were extremely competitive and both men had their spots.  However, both men also made some serious mistakes that can cost them this time around. Usually when you watch a fight over and over for film study reasons you will notice new things that you may have missed in previous views. With that said there were some major standouts that kept rearing their heads making things more obvious and clear. If this was their first rodeo together and I saw Jones with a 12 inch reach advantage coupled with his creative striking, I would probably say DC is going to have a rough day at the office. However, to my surprise, DC was able to have his fair share of knocks to the point that even in the 2nd round DC out pointed him in the striking dept. As the fight traveled into deeper water, the younger Jones started to pull away with the last 2 rounds, while Cormier started to really lose some serious steam.

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