UFC 223 - Nurmagomedov vs. Ragin' Al

What a fucking turn of events… I feel like I have not slept… What went from a beautifully laid out 14-page article has crumbled right before my eyes, hour after hour. I fired up the coffee pot, lit up the lab again, and got to work… What I will say about this card is this. There will be a lot of ties with people really sticking to the common theme. The fights dwindled and the pickens will be thin, so the chances of tying will be plentiful. Ride the wave, but also be different. Try and differentiate yourself in tournaments. There are plays out there that might be ignored and there will be a diamond in the rough somewhere on this card. This card is going to be completely haywire and we just have to make due with what we have to work with. It wasn’t what I was hoping for, but let's see if we can put a fork in this pig and win some cash… Also, we are still doing the signed Holloway gloves from our good friends over at Alliance MMA for our seasonal subs. So if you are not a seasonal sub, get in there and upgrade. This is a great and unpredictable card where anyone has a shot at the signed glove of a possible future Hall of Famer...

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