UFC 225 - 6/8

This card is matched up so amazing and the fights are going to be extremely challenging for all fighters. It seems that there is a clear path here with the way they matched these up. The Theme seems to be Young Lions vs Old Lions and the style matchups seem to be Strength vs Deficiency. What I mean by that is many of these fights, The opposing fighter will hold a clear strength where the other fighter holds a weakness. So with that said it will basically be a card of game planning, who gets what they want first, and who can really adjust when they don’t get what they want. From a DK standpoint nothing on this card would shock me when it came to the nuts lineup. I can see the obvious coming in and I can also see some total shots in the dark flying in. So you want diverse exposure in numbers. There are not many clear fades here outside of a few that you will see listed below, so play the power in numbers game and scatter yourself. As far as Vegas I am giving you a few different avenues. I look into bets that I feel have great value. Good Luck! Show me some Screen shots this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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