UFC 227 - Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2

Guys, this card is really a tough one from all angles. The best way to play this is to try and fly under the radar in GPP. You need to be different here and you need to take chances. I can almost bet that some of these outcomes will be eye-raising and it will be the brave that survive in the end. There are a few high priced people that will be very under-appreciated due to the fact that DJ is on the card. He will absorb A LOT of the field and why not, he is a DK captain. With that said you need to think outside of the box, and although I want you to have your shares of DJ, I also want you to have the balls to fade him in spots and grab some of the under-appreciated guys with very high upside for a finish. That will ultimately separate you from the masses in large field GPP. Read the article and you will have everything you need to come out on top. Last week was a great week. I saw a lot of you guys cashing some good money in DFS and also some amazing parlays and straight bets for we went 11-2. This week as shitty as the card is on the bottom half you have a chance to do it again.

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