UFC Fight Night London

Jimi Manuwa $8400 (-148) vs. Corey Anderson $7800 (+124)

Interesting Light Heavy fight here. Both men find themselves in a situation in which winning this fight can springboard them about 1 or 2 fights away from a title shot. It’s odd, due to the fact that both fighters truly aren’t champion-worthy in my opinion. This fight basically boils down to who can freeze the other ones strength, considering both have strengths on the other sides of the fence. Manuwa is a pure striker with very good KO power and in front of a crowd that adores him he will look to finish this one for the fans in spectacular fashion. Corey Anderson, on the flip side, is much more of a grinder who loves looking for the takedown and smothering you with ground and pound any chance he can. Not only are their styles different, but their finishing styles are quite different as well. Manuwa looks for that quick finish while Anderson has the ability to ride you to the horn while accumulating takedowns in the process. S

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