UFC Fight Night Shanghai

Whats Up guys! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. This card is a card that is on Fight Pass and starts at 330AM! So I am not expecting this card to card to get many views, especially on the east coast. However, cards like this can have a serious overlay and may give you some good opportunities to fly in under the radar to win some money and land a Q spot. So let’s play around with something this week. Good Luck!


Michael Bisping $7200 vs Kelvin Gastelum $9000

This fight really clouds me a bit. I feel like Bisping is coming back with a quick turnaround because he really doesn’t want to go through another training camp. If he was completely KO’d then he wouldn’t be fighting because he most likely would be on some kind of medical suspension. However, he was choked out and he really didn’t suffer all that much damage. With that said he was knocked down and he was choked out completely by GSP. So there are some concerns how his body is feeling 3 weeks later at his age.


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